Patient Stories

A sample of some of the patients we have treated here at Simply Dentures

Jean & Roy

Having been married for many years Jean & Roy knew that their smiles were in need of being renewed.

They came together for joint consultation allowing us to demonstrate what we could offer for them both. Both love a game of bowls but this time were bowled away with thier new dentures.

Colin had known Peter for many years through his Boys Brigade and church connection. So it was any easy choice when he needed to replace his partial dentures. Colin knew he would get a top class service he could trust but attending Simply Dentures.

Having been married for many years Jean & Roy knew that their smiles were in need of being renewed.

They came together for joint consultation allowing us to demonstrate what we could offer for them both. Both love a game of bowls but this time were bowled away with thier new dentures.


Running his own buisness ment Clive needed appointments to suit his availabilty. His natural teeth had been a little overlooked over the years. We were able to work with a local dentist in order to get some teeth removed before constructing new permanent dentures.

Partial Denture

Wearing dentures for a long time Grace had become comfortable with the teeth that she had. However her smile had become worn which wasn't helping with her confidence and left her not wanting to go out for meal. 

Grace reported she was delighted with her new smile and pleased with the teeth we had been able to provide for her. Don't let your teeth let you down, come and see how we can help you.

Partial Denture

Michael had been left in quite a predicment after having his natural teeth taken out. The dentures he was first given did not fit and were way too big for his mouth. He described them as looking false and not at all like his own teeth which had a gap between the two front teeth. Working with Michael we were able to give him the appearance that he found much more satisfying. 

Partial Denture

When your teeth spend more time in your pocket than in your mouth its easy to have people make fun of your smile. James had found that guys at work were just the kind of guys to poke fun at him. Coming to see us James needed to arrange to have some last natural teeth removed and we initially built a provisional denture. A couple of months later he returned for us to be able to construct him permanent denture. His wife thanked us for giving her husband his smile back

Complete Upper Denture
In the right place
Before and After photos of an upper denture that the patient had put up with for many years. The patient felt like she didn't have any top teeth. Delighted with her new appearance she was happy to smile again.
Implant Dentures

Seeking out a solution for poor natural teeth that had to be removed Irene came to see us. We looked at vairous options and after thinking through the possibilities she decided to go ahead with two lower implants.

This offers the most secure way to hold a complete lower denture in place. This then gives us the foundation to build dentures with the most natural of apperance.


Joyce had good quality dentures previously but these had become worn down with time. She decided that her family were not going to see her with a saggy smile so opted to come and get new teeth.

Talking through the options we provided her with new dentures that she felt looked great and stayed held in place very comfortably.

It was a pleasure to see her smile for her daughter.

Complete Dentures
Listen to what our patient Diane has to say for herself about her new denture wearing experience.
Partial Denture
Partial Denture
Partial Denture
Partial Denture
Partial Denture
Partial Denture
Partial Denture
Partial Denture
Partial Denture
All round Smiles

Tina was unfortunate to need an emergency denture repair for the 3rd time in as many months. It was clear the denture was not going to survive for much longer so we were able to supply a new denture giving a brand new reason to smile.

Ballroom Blitz

Joyce had eperienced both good and less good denture provision before she attended our clinic. Learning from her past experiences allowed us to get the smile that she wanted.

Also using some of the latest denture teeth available gave us the oportunity to create the good aesthetics to give her that special dancing smile when she hits the ballroom dance floor each week.

Denture smiles
False teeth
Singing Sensation


Mrs Adams had put up with worn out dentures for many years. Hesistant to allow anyone to change what she was used to. It was very pleasing to hear when she reported back that she was able to eat salads and nuts again after getting her new teeth. The teeth also passed the singing test which is something she loves to do.

Loud and Clear


Antony had patient had dentures that were very worn down. His active life and times when he is speaking in front of groups at church means he needs confidence that his dentures are not going to move while talking.

Using injection moulded acrylic and silicon impression materials allowed us to make the best fitting dentures that stay in place even without the use of implants. 

Problem Dentures
Dentures on implants
Confidence Restored!


Mrs S... This patient was unfortunate to need to have her natural teeth removed and opted for complete upper and lower over-dentures on implants. For maximum stabilty had four upper and four lower implants placed. The teeth used are Phonares which is a very natural looking tooth.

After a week of fitting attended just once to have a minor sore spot eased and has been delighted with the result giving her confidence in her talking, eating and smiling.